Make the Playlist For Yourself:

Similar guides will encourage you to consider your audience and build a playlist geared toward your listeners. This is useful to a small extent, but worrying too much about what other people want will make it difficult to be decisive with your list and can lead to a mix that sounds just like everyone else’s.Even worse, if you begin adding music you don’t personally enjoy, you’re likely to stop listening, which will impact the engagement of your new list.Stay true to yourself and what you want. This is your list, and no one spotistar what should be in it better than you do. Put the music you love into your mix and it will develop a unique personality that will stand out from similar ones. New followers want to hear something different, and the best way to give them that is by keeping the selection personal.

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I honestly don’t think the size of a playlist is as important as the overall quality. Many guides like this one recommend ultra small playlists with 50 songs or fewer, but you should do what feels right for you and your lists.I will burn through a playlist of less than 100 songs in a day and be bored with it within a week. I love big playlists, and a lot other people do too. But it has to be good. My Synthwave / Retro Electro list has always been big, and it’s currently hovering around 1,000 songs. But the key is that I’ve previewed over 20,000 synthwave songs for that list, which means that 95 percent of the songs I’ve heard didn’t make the cut.

Put Your Best Stuff Upfront:

I completely underestimated the importance of this for years, but I can’t stress it enough. Put your best songs at the very top of the list. The song in the first spot of a popular playlist can get as many as 75 percent more facebook than the song in the second spot. The majority of people click on that first song to sample the playlist. If they like it, they stay. If they don’t like it, they leave.


Update the Playlist Regularly:

This won’t always be possible, but try to add new additions to the top of the list, especially if the music was recently released. You’ve already made sure that every song going into your playlist is great, so it won’t hurt you to be cycling out the tracks that were on top before. You don’t have to delete them, just move them down. You should aim to always have music you’re excited about in those top 10-12 spots.


If you’re feeling ambitious and you’re working with a large genre, go for regular updates. For a long time, I was adding around 10-15 new songs to the top of my main trustpilot playlist every

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